Company Profile 

Company Profile

Company Profile

INTAC was founded in year 2004 with the aim of providing high level of engineering service for the demanding needs of the industry. The founders, the brothers Hakan and Sukan Külekçi, have successfully combined design and construction practice thanks to their strong background and experience in both fields. The Company, focusing on structural and earthquake engineering aspects, effectively infused theory into application for the benefit of the client.

Despite its relatively young age, thanks to its active role, the Company has already gained reputation and recognition in the market for completing every project/job in compliance with high international quality standards as an A-class project. The engineers and the internal consultants of the Company hold MSc and PhD degrees in structural and earthquake engineering rendering thus the Company into a dynamic environment in which projects are analyzed using the most updated technical knowledge.

Some of the most recent projects of the Company include the design of the international airports of Skopje and Ohrid in Macedonia for TAV, design and construction supervision of the passenger bridges of Atatürk Airport in Istanbul for TAV, helipad of Kanyon Shopping Mall in Istanbul and projects for several industrial facilities in Turkey. The portfolio of construction practice of the Company includes industrial contracts such as the extension buildings of construction hall of Mercedes Bus Factory in Hadımköy, Istanbul.

Reasons Why INTAC Is Favoured:

* Flexibility

* The ability to quickly solve problems

* Practical intelligence

* Visionary perspective *Devotedness to work 

* Crisis management experience

* Solution-oriented approach

* Determination

* Perseverance

* Devotedness to work