Canakkale Aerial Tower

Canakkale / Turkey


The design of the new Çanakkale Antenna Tower resolves these paradoxes by uniting all the different functions and spatial requirement into one spatial gesture. A path that loops around the site creates a stunning close-up experience of the forest and offers panoramic views in all directions. It merges into the visitors center that soars over the trees offering breathtaking views over the city and the forest, before returning to the top of the hill, where it shoots off into the sky... The path is detached in height from the ground, liberating the space on the hilltop and allowing the forest to complete itself into a continuous and uninterrupted landscape. Meanwhile, by placing the path at the external site boundaries, a generous garden is liberated into the interior of the area.

The design clearly separates the visitors center from the antenna tower. In this way, it eliminates any radiation hazard for the visitors and the workers at the visitors center. At the same time, people can enjoy the amazing feeling of rising up through the tree tops and soaring over the trees into a platform of 360 degrees views, including seeing the antenna as part of the landscape. The antenna tower thus remains very simple and clean, while being very adaptable for future changes in technology. By keeping the technical rooms close to the tower and the road, the functionality of the antenna tower is uncompromised by the visitors center. 

The antenna tower is formed by joining the two vertical paths, creating a gracious gateway under which the visitors enter the premises. This gesture creates a strong visual identity; an iconic appearance from afar that is transformed into an elaborate scenic experience when up close. Its architecture aims for technological functionality that maximizes through its gestures the reading of the inherent diverse landscape features.

The design consist of an antenna tower of about 100 meter , comprising the actual broadcasting antennas. Thoe tower is part of a wide bridge like structure, that comprises indoor public spaces, for exhibitions and receiving public, but also the Technical spaces to the antenna equipment. 

The Following subjects have been part of the studies, related to the actual antenna tower : 

Statics , the main structure : the load bearing system

Dynamics : the lateral system. Wind loads and seismic aspects.

Engineering model and basic design check.


  • City: Canakkale / Turkey
  • Category: Bridges and Transportation
  • Project Type: Completed Projects