Qabala Sport Campus



AFL Architects were selected to design a 35,000- seater stadium in Gabala, Azerbaijan for the Gabala Sport Complex. The scheme will create an amphitheatre style ground to off er spectators maximum visibility both of the game and of the local mountain scenery. This is a unique opportunity as Football grounds usually grow organically without oversight and are subject to tight city centre constraints. AFL will be able to model the ultimate international Stadiums. For the future which lays a solid foundation for development of further facilities over time. İNTAC provided all the structural engineering, ground engineering, building services and infrastructure design for this challenging project.

The design of the roof structure is based on global models incorporating over 40,000 elements of the roof (purlins, rafters), trusses and the arch. Using the Tekla Structure package, the geometry of this model was developed through an interactive process and was then imported into a number of analytical packages wherein extensive nonlinear analyses were performed.

Detailed optimisation studies were also conducted to ascertain the required magnitude and distribution of forces in the roof structure. Full non-linear buckling analyses of the trusses were conducted accounting for the flexibility of the bracing and the unusual lateral-torsional buckling behaviour of the truss.


  • Category: Stadiums, Sport Facilities
  • Project Type: Ongoing Projects