Publications at Turkish Journals (2)

1. Peker, K., Kulekci, S.,, “Determining Concrete Strength and Its Mechanical Properties via Experimental Methods and Evaluation Procedures”, Turkish Chamber of Civil Engineers, Bulletin of Istanbul Branch, Issue : 74, Sept.-Oct. 2004, Istanbul.  Download

2. Kulekci S. , “Perspective of Emergency Management for Kocaeli Earthquake”, Istonbul Journal, Issue : 11, pp : 86 – 90, Oct-Dec 2003, Istanbul.  Download

Published Reports (1)

1. Ural, D., Iskender, H., Bal, I. E, Ozay, O.,Kulekci S., “Disaster Management Evaluation Report of November 15&20 2003, Istanbul Terrorist Attacks”, Center of Excellence for Disaster Management, Istanbul Technical University Publications Turkey.  Download


1. Seventh National Conference on Earthquake Engineering, 30 May-3 June 2011, Istanbul, Turkey " ASEISMIC DESIGN OF SKOPJE AIRPORT " Sukan Külekçi, İhsan Engin Bal.  Download