Erbil General Hospital

Erbil / IRAQ


The Erbil Hospital project is a 150,000 square meter. The addition, designed by architect Ali Saad and the structural engineering company INTAC Cons.&Engineering Ltd. This project consists of two separate types of framing. The majority of the building, an eight story hospital tower, is designed using reinforced concrete structure.

Tasks & Tools for the Project : 

Phase I: Post-tensioned Floor System Analysis 

Task 1: Determine Loading 

Task 2: Design Slab 

A) Determine minimum slab thickness 

B) Find applied moments 

C) Check capacity of slab 

D) Check deflections 

Phase II: Redesign Columns 

Task 1: Determine loading 

Task 2: Take into consideration any columns that may not be required Joseph Sharkey 13 Thesis Proposal 

Task 3: Design columns in accordance with ACI with help from the program PCA Column 

Phase III: Redesign Shear Walls for new Expansion Joint Design 

Task 1: Determine most efficient locations for shear walls 

Task 2: Find wind and seismic loads on building using ASCE7-02 

Task 3: Distribute loads to shear walls using ETabs model 

Task 4: Design Walls 

Phase IV: Breadth Studies Task 1: Construction Management 

A) Compare costs and schedules of the actual design to the proposed design.


  • City: Erbil / IRAQ
  • Category: Buildings
  • Project Type: Completed Projects