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Büyükada 125th Year Secondary School


As İntaç İnşaat ve Mühendislik company, the completion of the post tensioning designs and the preparation of the detail drawings of the Büyükada 125th Yıl Secondary School project have been completed by us. Within the scope of the project, a post-tensioning design was made on the beams at +3.52 and +10.56 elevations. With the post-tensioning design, the span, which is 16.55 meters long and cannot be passed with the reinforced concrete design, has been passed. In addition, the post-tensioning design to be applied on the foundation of the structure has been completed by our company. With the post-tensioning design made on the foundation, both the foundation thickness has been reduced and a serious advantage has been gained in the quantity of soft reinforcement.


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  • Location : İstanbul / Büyükada
  • Year : 2022
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