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Canakkale Aerial Tower


Designed by Powerhouse Company & IND [Inter.National.Design] partnership, the project “Çanakkale Aerial Tower Project” was ranked first in Çanakkale Digital-Terrestrial Broadcasting Tower Architectural Competition”. Being the first terrestrial broadcasting tower in Turkey, the project requires detailed engineering studies because of its outstanding design and typology.

Wind analyses, soil-structure interaction analyses, vibration analyses, ..etc. was performed during the design of 100m height tower by using alternative structural systems to reach the ultimate design. İntaç has also used academically based consultants to make further checks and eliminate all possible mistakes.

It is possible to find a technical paper named “Çanakkale Anten Kulesi'nin Statik Projesine Dair” on Arkitera.com which is a common web portal among designers in Turkey.


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  • City : Çanakkale / Türkiye
  • Project Owner : Ulaştırma Bakanlığı
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