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Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fully Automated Parking Project


The 'Fully Automatic Parking Lot Project' belonging to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is on the floor plane with variable height of 11. It is the tallest building in Izmir, completely built from steel construction.

Automobiles were stored in the building with automated elevator systems. All of the 380 Vehicle Parking lot has been manufactured in accordance with the parking of Disabled Vehicles.

Automatic Parking Building has been designed in accordance with the Sustainable Green Building and Gray Energy concept.

Steel and reinforced concrete application projects of 'Fully Automatic Parking Lot' project in İzmir have been prepared.


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  • City : Izmir
  • Project Owner : İzmir Büyükşehir Belediyesi
  • Employer : BRN Architecture
  • Architectural Office : BRN Architecture
  • Year : 2012
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