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Wind Turbine Structural Strengthening


İNTAÇ has carried out checks on wind turbines that have been working as engineering for many years. Physical controls were provided in the field. Senso Engineering, on the other hand, made measurements of the Wind Power Plant with the sensor.

It has been observed that there are structural problems in the foundation-tower combinations with the studies and measurements made in the field. Senso Engineering has transmitted the data it has acquired to us. As İntaç Engineering, we prepared the structural strengthening projects of the Wind Power Plant

Regarding the retrofitting project, the company has prevented serious revenue loss and the life of the Wind Turbines has been prolonged.


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  • County : Türkiye
  • Project Owner :Akenerji Ayyıldız RES
  • Employer : Senso Mühendislik
  • Year: 2018
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