Silos are special structures used for storing various products or materials. Some of these products or materials can be said as coal, sand, cement, grain products. The design of the silos varies depending on the characteristics of the stored product. These structures can be designed as reinforced concrete or steel.

Silo bodies are one of the most important structural components of silo structures. The body part is designed depending on the lateral pressure created by the stored material. In addition, different loadings that will occur when the silo is full, empty and dumping should also be considered during the design phase.

Today, the post-tensioning method is used in the design and retrofitting of reinforced concrete silos. Thanks to the post-tensioning system, it is possible to design thinner silo bodies. As a result, the volume of concrete used will be significantly reduced and it will be possible to make a more economical solution.

It is desired that the stored products be in an environment protected against moisture, and for this, impermeability becomes an important feature. Due to the creep properties of concrete, cracks may occur in the body part of the filled silos. Cracks in the body can be prevented by applying the post-tensioning system in the silo body. The ability to design a thinner and uncracked body with the post-tensioning system makes the use of post-tensioning in silos widespread.