Due to its flexible structure and workability, steel has become an indispensable element not only for architects and engineers, but for all segments of the society. Being indispensable for architects and engineers, steel plays an important role in the reflection of dreams into reality.

How To Obtain Steel?

It is an alloy product that is created by combining steel, iron and carbon. The quality, strength and flexibility of the steel depends on the amount of carbon used in the alloy. Steel is flexible and durable. Therefore, it has an important effect on innovative projects that push the limits of imagination. This has enabled steel to become the favorite material of architects.

Steel is among the most reliable building materials. The most important reasons for using steel in the construction of millions of buildings are; steel is cheap, accessible, durable and long lasting.

What Are The Advantages Of Use Of Steel?

  • Çelik accelerates the construction process of the building and ensures the completion of the project in a short time.
  • It is low cost.
  • It is durable and has a high resistance.
  • It has important contributions in the realization of special projects.

When Was The Steel Product Popular?

The use of steel gained popularity in the period between the 1st and 2nd World Wars and then became an indispensable part of the construction industry. Steel was used in the construction of prefabricated structures and weapon depots used during the war.

Serial use of steel started with the industrial revolution. Steel rails were produced for steam trains that emerged after the industrial revolution. Many iconic structures, whose name has been heard worldwide, were built using steel. Petronas Towers (Malaysia), Burj Khalifa (United Arab Emirates), Empire State (USA), Eiffel Tower (France) are among these structures.

Which Steel Is Used In Building and Projects?

Steel is durable and light and also has the potential to carry high weight. For this reason, it is used in steel multi-storey buildings, bridges, sports halls and stadiums, roof projects, mezzanine projects, and also undertakes the carrier duties of buildings with weak floors.

Why Is It Used In Steel Constructions?

The carrier system in steel static is used as a building material in architecture. There are several main reasons for using steel in application projects.

Since steel is light, it is the architect’s assistant in the creation of free form structures. The reason for being preferred in application projects is that it shortens the construction time and has the feature of being dismantled and installed.

Steel is used in the skeleton and static projects of the building, mixed with concrete and used in the form of reinforced concrete, on the intermediate floors, walls and floors. In the light of what we say, we can conclude that steel is used in different ways in our daily life.