The scaffolding static calculation is the measurement of the bearing and bearing capacity of the scaffolding used on the exterior and inside the structure. Scaffolding static calculations must be made in order to obtain the safety pier certificate from TSE. As with any project, scaffold static calculations are made by engineers who are experts in their fields. Thus, no problems will arise during the licensing procedures. All companies must perform scaffold static calculations in accordance with the static calculation regulation.

How To Make A Scaffold Static Account?

Static calculations of the scaffolding used in the ongoing constructions to create a safe working area should be made by the relevant civil engineers. It is very important to ensure that static calculations requiring high level of attention and fine workmanship are not compensated after being done by engineers who are expert in their field. A scaffold should be installed on all facades of the building under construction. In addition, the scaffold static calculation should be calculated separately for all facades. It is mandatory to use guardrails to ensure life safety, which is one of the main principles at the pier.

Is The Scaffolders Only Established For Exterior Facade?

Scaffolds are not only installed on the exterior. In historical buildings requiring restoration (such as the Hagia Sophia Museum), piers are used for the interior of the new buildings.

What Are The General Conditions Of Scaffolding Installation?

With the legislative amendment made by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, it has been made compulsory to have static calculations of the piers installed on the exteriors of the buildings.

In the scaffolding installation, while scaffolding static calculations are made, it is also necessary to comply with the relevant legislation and regulations.

When installing the scaffold, 2 crossbars and 1 straight bar should be mounted on the feet.

If there is a level difference on the floor where the scaffold will be installed, this difference should be eliminated by using products such as adjustment shafts or extensions.

The longest pier to be installed is 80 meters long. Considering only the scaffold load, an average of three quarters of a 60 meter high scaffold should be fixed to the structure.

Workers on scaffolding are obliged to use double belts with seat belts.