Today, the advanced world of industry has made progress beyond dreams. As in every field, storing energy and products in advanced industry; The continuation of factory activities is crucial to save energy and reduce costs. One of the most important points in the construction phase of large storage tanks is the successful execution of “TANK BASIC STATIC ACCOUNTS”.

We can divide the forces acting on the tanks into Internal and External Forces. Internal forces affecting the tank foundations; Liquid-Gas Pressure is caused by the own weight of the tank and the weight of the material used. External forces affecting the tank are earthquake, wind and snow loads. The loads we have specified create shear force and moments to the tank.

TANK BASIC STATIC ACCOUNTS should be prepared with the right methods, adhering to specifications, and tanks must be resistant to both the materials it maintains – against internal forces and external influences – external forces.

One of the most important issues in the preparation of the static projects of Industrial Tanks is the ground survey. While preparing Tank Static Projects, analyzing the earthquake degree and ground condition of the area where the tank will be constructed has a great effect in the preparation of many static projects.

Industrial Tanks, which are usually created by using steel and reinforced concrete together, can be formed only from steel or concrete, depending on the model and the floor of the region where it will be built. After determining the appropriate building material and model, Tank Static Accounts should be prepared carefully by qualified engineers in the field.

Preparation of Tank Static Projects requires significant engineering experience. İntaç Engineering has successfully completed the structural designs of hundreds of projects with its experienced staff.