Rational individuals, whether daily or business, continue their lives on the principle of minimum cost and maximum earnings. Effective use of the area of ​​the environment in which we are at the stage of meeting our needs in our homes and workplaces provides us with maximum efficiency.

However, sometimes the usage areas of our homes and workplaces may be insufficient to meet our needs and needs. You may think that when we encounter such problems in our homes and workplaces, we should give up our established order to meet our expectations and move to a new area by increasing our costs. Suspended floors ensure the continuity of our board layout and enable us to use our space effectively.

In today’s article “What is Mezzanine? What are the types of mezzanine? How to use the mezzanine and what should be considered? Paylaş we will share with you the answers.

What Is A Suspended Floor?

In buildings where the internal height of the building is at least 5.5 meters, half floors connected to the lower area by a ladder constructed on the ground floor are called ASMA FLOOR. In buildings where mezzanine floors will be installed, the interior height must be at least 2.40 meters.

What Are The Venue Floor Types?

The materials used when constructing mezzanine floors can be metal, concrete and wood. The materials used vary according to the environment and function of the mezzanine. The suspended ceiling should be designed in accordance with the structure and flooring of the environment in order not to disturb the architectural integrity of the environment in which it will be placed.

Nowadays, there are many suspended ceiling models. The most preferred of these models;

  • Suspended floor supported by columns,
  • Floor supported by ceiling,
  • Mezzanine with support from the beam.

How To Use The Mezzanine And What To Be Considered?

Mezzanine floors are six empty spaces made on top of an area. They can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It is not enclosed during the construction of mezzanine floors. The surrounding area remains open. The purpose of building mezzanine floors is to give more space to the existing space and to make the space more functional. The maximum benefit is provided with the mezzanine floors.

What To Be Careful When Making The Fall Floor

Since mezzanine floors are built into the existing structure, there are several important points to consider.

First of all, the STATIC CALCULATION and plans of the mezzanine must be made by experts.

When doing STATIC CALCULATION, it is necessary to know the purpose of using the mezzanine.

Again when performing the STATIC CALCULATION, the characteristics of the building type, the situation of the existing building and the amount of the incoming load should be taken into consideration.

Depending on the use of the mezzanine, it is decided how the steel parts and other products will be used.

Thanks to the mezzanine, you can safely use the available space and get more efficiency and create new areas for yourself and your business.