Our country is located on the active earthquake zone due to its location. We have great experience in the Republic of Turkey as a very sad and earthquakes so far. Although the technology has not yet been able to foresee exactly when the earthquake will come, it provides us with important opportunities for measures to be taken against the earthquake. One of these opportunities is EARTHQUAKE STRENGTHENING WORKS.

Earthquake Reinforcement works are put into a regular systematic. Building projects should be examined first. The damage rate of the building and the parts to be strengthened should be reported. It is very important to analyze and search the ground on which the building is located. Spill and decrease in the columns should be carefully examined and recorded the rust status of the bars.

After a series of tests on existing buildings, it becomes clear whether the building is suitable for retrofitting. In the tests, it is determined whether the building will be demolished or damaged in the earthquake. It is very important to work with an expert team in this process. Examples of buildings with the highest probability of destruction and damage in the earthquake; are not built on appropriate ground and are constructed using missing material.

Earthquake reinforcement works are not only used to repair and replace buildings damaged in the earthquake. Preventive earthquake strengthening works are applied to buildings which are likely to be damaged in a possible earthquake and damaged buildings. With the reinforcement works, unhealthy and worn buildings regain the qualities of a new building. Demolishing and rebuilding a building suitable for retrofitting will waste money, time and energy.

During the earthquake strengthening works, cast structures are scraped and rusty structures are cleaned. Subsequently, materials coated with anti-corrosion materials provide longer-term productivity in the region where they are mounted. Since it is more durable in earthquake strengthening studies, it is frequently used in iron and steel as well as preferred carbon fiber.

Importance Of Earthquake Strengthening Projects

The most important point to be considered while continuing the earthquake strengthening works is to determine the needs of the building accurately and completely. If a retrofit study with missing or incorrect data does not contribute to the building. After the analysis of the building and the data of the samples taken from the building, the retrofitting works are started.

The most important factor affecting the strength of a building is concrete quality. Today, although high quality concrete is used, it is unfortunately not possible to say similar high standards for old buildings. For this reason, the most important point in the studies to be done is the overhaul of concrete quality. Concrete quality should be increased during the earthquake strengthening works. In addition to concrete quality, the expansion and foundation deepening of the columns can be applied during earthquake strengthening studies. While the range of error neglects made during the construction of the foundation directly affects the soundness of the foundation; has caused us to witness the sad picture of the 1999 earthquake on behalf of our country.

Steel is often preferred for column reinforcement. Steel ensures that the building arm is upright and stable, but the poor quality of the steel, which is below the standards, will cause problems by rusting, so the quality of the steel becomes one of the most important issues. Steel reinforcement method is used according to the needs of the building within the earthquake reinforcement works.

Carbon fiber application, which has started to be mentioned slowly in our country, is another method applied under the name of earthquake strengthening studies. Although the new method of carbon fiber for Turkey, America, Japan and is used in many European countries.

With the earthquake strengthening works, many buildings which are damaged due to earthquakes survived or which are likely to be damaged in case of an earthquake are secured.

As INTAÇ, we successfully completed many earthquake strengthening projects.