Steel projects are the projects that meet many building needs in the best way in terms of price and performance today. The use of steel is becoming more and more common day by day due to its resistance to the weight loaded on it and because it is an economical and easily formable material.

Steel projects are frequently used in factories, bridges, sports facilities, hangars, warehouses and workshops, as well as for the construction of steel construction structures such as mezzanine, roof, steel structure with cranes. Steel projects are often preferred, especially in industrial structures with wide spans and high heights. In addition, one of the most beautiful advantages of steel is that it enables us to achieve eye-catching aesthetic architectural structures, innovative structural designs while maintaining strength. One of the best examples of this situation is our ÇANAKKALE ANTENNA TOWER project that we signed as INTAC ENGINEERING. Steel structures are easy to install and construct, they are completed quickly, so they save time.

There are projects where the entire building system is produced from steel. These projects are generally preferred in first degree earthquake zones where the earthquake risk is highest. Steel projects are frequently used in the cities of our country located in the 1st and 2nd degree earthquake zones. Since the steel is corroded due to its chemistry, it should be covered with stainless materials in order not to create a security threat in the structures where it is used, or the steel used during the construction of the structure should be stainless.

Structural designs of steel projects should be made by expert firms and engineers.


  • Installation is simple, completes quickly, saves time.
  • Steel structures are long-lasting and easy to renovate.
  • In addition to being an economical product, steel can be used for different projects after being converted.
  • It has high strength and static.
  • While reinforced concrete structures are affected by weather climates, steel structures are not.

As İntaç Engineering, we have realized the structural designs of many reference steel projects.