Nowadays, it is important that a structure affects our eye taste as well as being robust and durable. If the buildings that have survived for years without wear come together with an aesthetic architecture, they are made of durable craftsmanship. . The structures that have survived for years without being worn out, together with an aesthetic architecture with robustness is no longer just a pile of concrete and iron and gains personality. Nowadays, due to its easy production and installation and durability, SPACE ROOF which is frequently preferred affects us with its aesthetic architecture. When we speak of the name, let us examine the space roof, which evokes the imagination of the future.

There are many construction methods that can be used in the construction of a building as well as different methods that can be applied in the roof construction phase. One of these methods is space roof which is quite wide in use with its easy installation and aesthetic structure. A small change in the roof can completely change the air of the building.

Corrosion and similar environmental problems are not encountered if quality materials are used in space roof construction, also known as space lattice roof systems. space roof is lighter than different roof systems. Space can be installed without vertical bearing systems up to 100 meters, the roof shows high resistance to earthquake. One of the advantages of the space roof is that it can be dismantled and installed in another area if desired. Space roof is economical for the employer and the installation phase is completed in a short time.

The installation of the space roof is very practical. Double-tapered rod steel pipes are connected to each other with the space formed by the roof appearance is obtained. Since the space creates an interesting architecture in the roof ceiling itself, the ceiling does not have to be covered with extra material. In this respect, it prevents possible expenditures and saves economically. Being suitable for different designs, the space roof has been put into frequently preferred open-air roofs. The space roof that caresses our eye pleasure in summer is covered with tarpaulin and similar materials for winter months and made suitable for seasonal conditions. In this way, four seasons can be used.

Stylish and innovative as well as the advantages offered by the space roof;

  • Suitable for large areas.
  • It is lightweight, easy to install and portable compared to many other roof types.
  • Production and assembly phase is completed quickly.
  • Suitable for all types of ventilation and air conditioning.
  • Aesthetically satisfying.
  • Due to their structure, they are easily load bearing roofs.
  • Can be arranged and assembled for any shape.
  • It is a low cost study.

As INTAÇ, we have successfully implemented many space roof projects to date.

Space Roof