For our country, which is one of the most active earthquake zones in the world, it may be possible for the earthquake strengthening studies and static analyzes to be possible earthquakes. 5.8 earthquakes occurred in Istanbul; we are trained, our employees, it is brought back to our minds without asking how safe the buildings are against the earthquake, we confronted us by enabling earthquake emulation.

The nature of the place where the earth was born from the earth crumbs of earthquakes is a shaking and inevitable nature event. In other words, ten life engineers are the shift of the earth beneath our feet. Earthquake, continue to endanger the lives of our loved ones unless the necessary people are taken. While it can be such a combination, “An earthquake, not unconsciousness kills!” Principle is to minimize the damage that can be caused by human elements.

One of the studies to avoid the devastating effects of the earthquake is the presence of flimsy and flimsy structures. EARTHQUAKE RISK REPORT In its simplest definition, an earthquake risk report is a document that confirms the safety of your building and decides that the structure is transformed and gained flexibility when necessary. The earthquake risk report is also in effect. So, how to get a building risk report? The residents of the building think that their houses are at risk of disasters. Static or architectural projects of the building were obtained from the Directorate of Zoning or Land Registry. They can start the process while preparing the other pages in the closed area regulations (technical, engineering reports of your building, photocopy of land registry, etc.). You will receive an earthquake report, but T.C. While we are in the position to be granted by institutions approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. In order to obtain the Earthquake Risk Report of a building, only one member of the building is required to apply.

It is considered that the earthquake risk report is not related to your building;

  • Train in place while looking at the Architectural Project of your building.
  • If you do not have the project of your building in hand, the system relay in which your building is located is prepared by the company you consult.
  • Preparing your building
  • Coring arrivals explaining that “concrete strength tests” have been performed and reported.
  • Reinforcement diameter and number of reinforced concrete columns, beams and walls were determined.
  • Determining the frequency of stirrups in reinforced concrete columns, beams and curtains by X-ray;
  • The ground survey report is issued to understand the seismicity of the area.
  • Building earthquake performance is revealed.
  • Building Earthquake Risk Report is prepared.