The static of the facade is the engineering and static calculations of all kinds of façade bearing systems that form the outer layer of the structure. Today, there are many different types of façade bearing systems used for different needs. Therefore, the type of material and connection types that are required to be used according to the selected facade carrier system also change. At the same time, the static calculation method to be used according to the type of façade bearing system varies. In other words, static calculation of a single type of facade cannot be mentioned.

It has been observed that in many projects executed, manufacturing costs have increased due to a missed coefficient or a single number entered incorrectly. Undoubtedly, the coefficient and calculation criteria adopted in the first place directly affect the results of engineering calculations. Therefore, maximum attention should be paid to the static calculations of the facade and the margin of error should be minimized as it should be in all the projects studied. It can be concluded that the static calculations of the facade should be done by the person or institutions who are experienced in the facade manufacturing and installation issues and who have mastery of the system details.

Dressing Facade Systems

Curtain wall systems are the construction and assembly systems that do not have static structural features that form the outer shell of the building. Curtain wall systems, which can be designed by using materials such as stone, glass, composite or metal plate, can bring a new breath to the appearance of these buildings with their different and interesting designs. In addition to aesthetic architecture, curtain wall systems have functions such as protection from rain, sunlight, noise and similar environmental factors, and providing thermal insulation and energy saving.

The weight of the coating used in curtain walls is divided into two as HEAVY SUSPENSION and LIGHT SUSPENSION. The panel weight of heavy vines is greater than 100 kg / m2 and the weight of light vines is less than 100 kg / m2. It is also possible to categorize the facade systems according to the type of material used. Covered façade, structural silicone façade, panel façade and transparent façade systems are some of the frequently used façade systems.