Earthquake is an inevitable fact of our country that cannot be denied. The year 2020 was recorded as the second year in which it has been very experienced in the last 20 years. The fact that the grinding of the earthquake is active continues and updates continue to be made. In this direction in 2018 he left the earthquake acceleration value is calculated separately for each location and within days of the earthquake regulation by AFAD Turkey Earthquake Hazard Map of both shared and used before the earthquake zone.

Turkey Earthquake lower left corner of the specified color scale in Hazard Map visual TBDY 2018 the standard design earthquake ground motion DDR-2 as (50 years, vaccination of 10% (repetition period of 475 years) ground motion levels which) to visualize the expected peak ground acceleration at the (Peak Ground Acccelaration, PGA) expresses in g (980.665 cm / s2). As you can see, the darker the color, the higher the ground acceleration.

When the earthquake hazard is examined, it is observed that both the population density and the industrial areas where limited contribution is given, the earthquake hazard increases.

In durable building design, it is aimed to minimize the design material losses in order to prevent the first major loss of life. The reason for the interruption of production is the continuation of the operation in buildings such as factories and industrial facilities after an earthquake. The electrical installation has a great share in the non-stop production. It ensures that the devices that work with electrical energy are able to continue to learn and continue earthquakes. It is of great importance to design the transformer substations that provide the electricity required for the operation of the devices by regulating the voltage value of the electrical energy in this sale, so that they are not affected by earthquakes.

Later, those who will come to meet the future at the substations that supply electrical energy to the facilities will significantly hurt the production and cause huge financial losses. Transformer parts designed by civil engineers are indispensable for large factories and components. As Intac Engineering, earthquake design design has signed successful projects in the summer.

As Intac Engineering, it has prepared the static projects of transformers in many corporate high facilities and industrial structures.

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